Department: Nursing Department
Reports to: Unit Charge Nurse

The primary purpose of the job position is to provide each of the assigned residents with routine activities of daily living, nursing needs and services, in accordance with the individual’s assessment and care plan, and as may be directed by your charge nurse and supervisor.

A person who will strive to incorporate the philosophy and mission of Selfhelp Home and to incorporate the Facility’s goal of quality care in a personal manner with total regard for individual human dignity.
A person who has satisfactorily completed an Illinois approved C.N.A training program and pass the written competency test. And a person who must meet all the State requirements as stipulated in the Health Care Background Check Act (Registry), to work as an Illinois C.N.A in a long term care facility.
He/she possesses positive attitude with good bedside manner, teamwork, sound judgement, multitasks, Infection Control and basic Nursing Skills. He/she must have the ability to work under pressure and with understanding and knowledge on how to care for residents with Dementia.
He/she must have basic computer knowledge and able to operate equipment necessary for the job in a safe manner.

Duties and Responsibilities

I. Administrative Functions
1. Reports all changes and observations of the resident’s condition to the charge nurse or supervisor.
2. Demonstrates ability to read, understand and follow individual resident care plans.
3. Documents all required information based on the resident’s care plan on C.N.A flow sheets, forms, logs or in an electronic program.
4. Maintains confidentiality of all residents and facility’s information.
5. Organizes work to complete assignments within the required time frame.
6. Acts as an advocate of the Resident’s Rights. Communicates tactfully and respectfully to the residents, family, guests and co-workers.

II. Admissions, Transfer and Discharge Functions
1. Ensures that the room is ready for receiving/admitting residents from the hospital or community.
2. Assists nurse to prepare resident for discharge or transfers to the hospital or community.
3. Assists resident or family to inventory personal possession, packing/unpacking belongings and make sure that these were kept/stored/packed in a safe and respectful manner.

III. Nursing Care Functions
1. Checks and reports vital signs, weights, height on admission and as scheduled and directed by the charge nurse or supervisor.
2. Responsible to obtain urine or stool samples following infection control guidelines as directed.
3. Measures and reports intake and output from the foley catheter, or any drainage bag.
4. Provides and assists personal care assistance to assigned residents as directed (bathing, grooming/hygiene, eating, toileting, dressing).
5. Assists resident with transferring and lifting, repositioning and turning in a safe manner either with the use of mechanical lift device or manually.
6. Maintains and improves resident optimal level of functioning and nursing rehabilitation. Performs special treatment plan such as Restorative Program designed for a specific resident (AAROM, PROM, Ambulation, Assistive Device Application) as directed.
7. Prepare residents for meal, serves and collects trays, assists in setting up; and serves fresh water and nourishment as indicated. 8. Regularly checks on residents insuring comfort, dignity and privacy. Answers call lights promptly; responds promptly to resident inquiries, reports any abnormal findings or complaints to the nurse.

IV. Staff Development
1. Attends and participates on a scheduled training programs, meetings and educational classes and opportunities to maintain current certification as C.N.A.
Special Instructions
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