About Us
We are a group of visionary thinkers, designers and developers who are continually looking to address the tough challenges in the talent acquisition market. ZippyApp is our latest innovation in this segment and it is solving a real problem for both job seekers and employers.

For Employers

It is getting more and more challenging to effectively staff the hourly and frontline roles in businesses. These roles typically have the highest turnover rates—as much as 140% according to some studies. That means in 12 months all workers have been replaced and some have not lasted even one year. Hospitality and retail have the highest turnover rates. The hiring cost and hiring the right employee is of utmost importance to business owners/leaders.

One of the biggest issues the business community faces is getting exposure for their open opportunities. Job boards and other recruitment advertisings are expensive and cost prohibitive. Moreover, the business websites are primarily customer focused and are often hard to navigate for employment—not to mention upkeep and maintenance difficulties.

Your business front is the most enticing and best advertising—capture your candidates right there—don't send them on a wild goose chase somewhere else to find your open opportunities.

We have developed ZippyApp to specifically address these issues. We are confident that it is the best solution to reduce hiring cost and help find the best candidate with greatest ease and the least investment.

Building a pipeline

By having a continuous presence and exposure with a ZippyApp page, businesses are able to maintain a pipeline of prospects. They can always be on the lookout to find outstanding talent and reach out to the applicants who have submitted applications in the past. Best of all, the application packages are all in one easily accessible place—any time, any place, on any device. Never have to search for that paper application or email.

For Job Seekers

Having to fill out an employment application for different jobs with the same information over and over is redundant and cumbersome. Why not just fill out one common application and submit for any job opportunity? That's what ZippyApp is—the common employment application that you fill out once and submit whenever you need to. You have the opportunity to attach a resume and a cover letter and update/tailor for each application submission—on any device, anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks. That simple.

Setup an account and fill out your application. Apply anywhere you see the ZippyApp logo or simply forward a link to your ZippyApp profile. We confirm delivery and tell you if they viewed your application.