The Talent Acquisition Lead is a self-led team member with excellent interpersonal and communication skills who works independently to provide on-going recruitment and interviewing services. The Talent Acquisition Lead will work approximately 15-20 hours per week in the talent acquisition role, physically on-site.

The Talent Acquisition Lead is responsible for establishing recruitment channels within the community, managing the applicant pool and maintaining a standardized hand-off of newly hired team members to the operations team.
- Clear understanding of ideal Chick-fil-A candidates who will add value to the NorthLake Parkway Chick-fil-A culture.
- Develop and implement recruiting strategies to attract and retain high-quality candidates through the creation of recruitment channels within the immediate community; options include high schools within the community, online job boards, social media platforms, company website and career fairs.

- As applications start coming in, review them carefully against the job requirements. Shortlist candidates who meet the criteria and have the potential to succeed in the role.
- Schedule in-person interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Prepare a list of interview questions to assess their skills, experience, and cultural fit. Consider using a mix of behavioral and situational questions.
- Most interviews should be held in-person between Monday - Wednesday.
- Evaluate candidates based on their interview performance, resume, and references.
- Schedule a secondary interview with the executive director for leadership candidates with a written summary of the candidate. The executive director will schedule follow-up interviews for leadership applications.
- Call/email/follow-up with at least 1 reference for qualified team member candidates, 2-3 references for qualified leadership candidates.
- If you have a non-leadership candidate and you want a second opinion, ask another leader during the shift.
- Once you have identified the most suitable candidate, extend a job offer via email. Clearly communicate the terms of employment, including compensation and next steps for new hires.
- Applicants who will not be hired can be told no in person at the time of the interview, or correspondence can be sent via email with one of our templates afterwards.

On-boarding for New Hires
- After the candidate accepts the offer, introduce them to the company culture, provide expectations for necessary training and resources, and ensure a smooth transition into their new role by sending the welcome email.
- Maintain communication with the new hire during the first week of the onboarding process. - Address any concerns, provide support, and gather feedback to ensure their success and satisfaction in the organization.
- Weekly communication is sent by email to the Training Director and the Scheduler so that the new hires get connected quickly and effectively.
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.

Simply submit a ZippyApp application package which may include the Common Employment Application, Resume, and a Cover Letter. In your Cover Letter, please write a short paragraph describing yourself and why you would make a great addition to our team.

Press the Apply button to get started now. If you don't already have a ZippyApp account, follow the on-screen instructions to create one.

ZippyApp is the Common Employment Application for online and mobile that allows you to apply for jobs with one click, and is being accepted at a growing number of businesses each day.
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