Our store managers are responsible for the complete operations of the store, including staffing, training, sales, account retention, customer service, and more.
We expect our store managers to understand the entire business and follow all best practices as outlined in handbooks and documents.

Aggressive Pay!

Negotiable Starting Salary!

Majik’s Core Values:
* . “We Do What It Takes” – Willing to do whatever is needed to help solve a problem, even if it’s outside of our comfort zone or our day-to-day activities. This could mean having a difficult conversation with a co-worker or customer and/or literally cleaning a filthy fridge.
* . “We Own It” – Learn from constructive criticism and own the results both positive and negative. Ask questions rather than just saying, “I don’t know”. When an issue arises, bring it to the attention of someone who can help you solve the problem.
* . “We Serve Others” – We believe in serving others. We believe in helping people (co-workers, customers, the community at large) and try to find ways to say, “YES” to co-workers and customers. This includes helping co-workers advance in their career goals, and by helping them to achieve a quality work/life balance.

* . Integrity – What do you do when no one is looking? Would you be proud if your actions today were on the front page of the newspaper?
* . Hustle – Have a plan. Act with purpose. Accomplish our goals quickly and efficiently.
* . Respect - We provide a professional environment showing co-workers and customers mutual respect at all times.
Store General Manager Responsibilities

** . Planning / Organization
* . Ensure store is properly staffed (4-week advanced schedule)
* . Maintain proper payroll records (hire, termination, discipline, rewards, etc)
* . Partner with DM to plan, write, and deliver quality performance reviews on time
* . Daily walkthrough of store – adding all issues / concerns to “to do” list
* . Partner with the DM to create weekly planning based on DM planning worksheet

** . Training / Development
* . Ensure store staff is properly trained
* . Follow training process, with all staff “on schedule” for certification completion – 1 Stage/30 days
* . Confirm that MAJIK U courses are completed on time with entire staff
* . Assign responsibilities to the staff based on the daily checklist and scorecard(s)
* . Follow up throughout the day with staff members to ensure completion of staff assignments
* . Provide feedback to the staff members to ensure all best practices are being followed to achieve desired results
* . Ensuring completion of all non-negotiable tasks including Scorecards, daily/weekly checklists and action plans

** . Positive Communication / Feedback
* . Prepare and deliver weekly HELP documents with all members of store staff
* . Communicate positive messages to staff throughout the week
* . Utilize our You Earned It and Majik Co-workers Facebook page to help communicate positive messages
* . Have a QUALITY store meeting every morning to energize and inform the team.
* . Be sure to report / act on all information (from MAJIK News, for example)
* . Communicate plan for the day to the staff

** . Following our Processes
* . Adherence to money-handling process
* . Daily bank deposits taken by (2) members of store personnel, one being certified to do so
* . Adherence and Management of all store Scorecards including:
* . Manager
* . Sales
* . Account Retention
* . Operations
* . Delivery
* . Adherence to Customer Service (repair) processes
* . Adherence to Store appearance processes
* . Completion of all items on weekly checklist
* . Merchandise store based on Sales Floor Plan
* . Adherence to Inventory fulfillment and control processes (as well as expense controls)
* . Weekly requisitions checklist
* . Weekly store-to-store (and WH-to-store) transfer process
* . Proper care of maintenance of all company vehicles, merchandise, and tools/supplies
* . Proper use of store HVAC (reasonable temperature to save $$ while maintaining comfort)
* . Proper delivery scheduling for efficiency of time and fuel
* . Handling employee incidents / accidents / injuries (with guidance from District Manager)
* . Adherence to paperwork / filing process
* . Manager review of all rental agreements
* . Daily (or multiple times daily) check in with staff / verification of score card items
* . Score minimum 80% audit score with goal over 90% (based on adherence to processes)

** . Results – Achievement of:
* . Company goals for staffing, training, and development
* . Company goals for Account Retention
* . Company goals for Inventory Standards
* . Company goals for Sales Standards

** This position is deemed safety sensitive.
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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