General Managers are accountable for overseeing the operations of a Showplace rent to own store to attain objectives in revenue, delinquency rate, customer service and store profitability.

This position is accountable for directing the daily activities of a group of employees toward established goals. The General Manager ensures that the store and its employees comply with company policies and procedures, seize every opportunity to improve sales revenue, and control the cost of operations. The General Manager helps employees understand the factors contributing to the store's success and teaches them how they can contribute to that success each day.

Senior management establishes the basic merchandise and inventory levels for the store. District Managers monitor these levels. However, the General Manager is responsible for maintaining the proper mix and level of merchandise for the store by placing orders through the proper channels. In addition to placing orders, the General Manager completes the following tasks in relation to merchandise:

* Receives merchandise from vendors.
* Completes proper inventory records.
* Maintains constant awareness of the location of all merchandise assigned to the store.
* Performs weekly audits to ensure the safety of company assets.
* Directs the merchandising of the store to make it easy for the sales team to sell and for the customer to buy.
* Appropriately re-prices merchandise to promote the movement of slow moving inventory.

From time to time, General Managers may need to repetitively lift and maneuver store products and equipment including but not limited to household furniture, appliances and electronics.
The General Manager is also accountable for training all store personnel to help them become job proficient.
The General Manager works daily with employees to provide direction identify problems and recommend solutions. If changes are needed that are outside the budget limits, the General Manager must get approval from the District Manager before making the change.

The General Manager will participate with management in the development of goals and budgets for the store. Management and the General Manager will review the progress of the store against, those plans throughout the fiscal year.

The principal responsibilities of a General Manager consist of:
* Recruit, hire and retain Quality Employees: Recruit and select a group of employees capable of accomplishing the company's operating objectives.

* Develops Employees: Provide training and employee development to all assigned employees to ensure job proficiency. Provide proper mentorship and direction to the Assistant Store Manager to ensure this individual can assume all responsibilities and accountabilities for successful store operations.

* Motivates Employees: Establish a professional work environment that encourages
individual commitment to achieving the company mission. Monitor the performance of each employee, identify problems and take prompt corrective action.

* Meets Performance Statistics: Meet projected performance statistics as established by the
company business plan.

* Utilization of Assets: Ensure proper level of mix and inventory to meet customer demand and maximize return on investment. Merchandise the store to ensure it is a safe, organized, clean and attractive facility for customers and employees. Monitor the store, truck(s) and equipment to protect the store, its contents and its people from injury or loss.

Other Requirements:
* Ohio Drivers License
* Ability to pass driving and criminal history background check
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