Oversee product quality and operational standards. Direct marketing efforts and adapt to market conditions. Manage and train other managers. Manage sales and profitability, and oversee the budget and reporting.
Financial Responsibility:
Responsible to ensure maximum return on sales of all cost areas directly under your control – cost of sales, operating labor, bad debt, cash over / short, cleaning supplies, service ware, telephone, utilities, IHP, ware washing, postage, menus and misc. Must obtain General Partner’s approval for all non inventory purchases in excess of $1000.00 and single inventory purchase in excess of $2500.00.

Ensure daily Co-ordination with the kitchen staff and operations. Conduct weekly management meetings to review performance and plan upcoming events. Ensures regular and timely communications with the Owner. Minutes from the weekly meeting are to be emailed to Owner.

• Ensure product knowledge of all sales/service personal
• Ensure sales orientation/motivation of all sales/service personnel
• Conducts internal promotions and incentive contests as needed
• Ensures adequate staffing levels to maximize service/sales at peak times
• Up grade information on competitive operations
• Monitor sales mix and advise trends, major changes and customer preference
• Handle all large party bookings to maximize service/sales in coordination with party planner if on staff
• Seek active membership in organizations/activities to help promote the restaurant
• Establish and maintain contact with chamber of commerce, hotel concierges an entertainment people
• Coordinates maintenance and execution of Ordersmart, Opentable and Aloha
• Maintains Web Site.

Cost of Sales:
• Responsible for product purchasing efficiency
• Perform nightly audit of employees sales and check out procedures
• Conduct 13 period end inventories and upgrade pricing as needed from current invoices
• Enter all invoices by period end – Monitor statements of all vendors
• Periodically proof potential pouring cost
• Ensure product control and security of all stored items

Personal Management:
• Responsible for all training and development for all employees
• Regularly evaluates all employee needs and ensures on-going maintenance of a qualified labor pool
• Responsible for labor cost efficiencies in all floor areas
• Maintains internal communications among all employee groups: conducts regular employee meetings
• Monitors medical insurance programs

• Ensures accurate completion of daily sales report
• Maintains comp log
• Ensures daily deposit of all cash receipts
• Responsible for maintenance for all cash bank
• Sign authorizes and codes all invoices for payment
• Complete daily labor analysis
• Complete meal/cover count and net sales summaries
• Enters sales into Ordersmart and prepares all invoices through Ordersmart for download into our accounting package
• Analyses Monthly Income Statements and reports back to Owner on areas of focus or action plan for the upcoming months.

Beverage Operations:
Has overall responsibility for beverage operations to include staffing, training, cleanliness, M&R of bar equipment, product knowledge & storage, security and control, physical inventory, product consistency and store room organization
• Works bartender shifts as needed
• Maintains labor pool, anticipates needs, recruits as necessary
• Completes regular physical inventories of all related items on period end basis in the Ordersmart System.
• Monitors glassware efficiency and usage and relays order needs to Floor Manager
• Devises side work schedules and opening and closing procedures
• Maintains and monitors the wine program
• Maximizes purchasing prices while maintaining reasonable inventory levels
• Schedule and organize regular wine tasting and staff seminars
• Monitors pouring cost and efficiency
• Works with chef on daily basis with food and wine pairings

Dining Room Operations:
Has the overall responsibility for the dining room operation to include staffing, training, cleanliness. M &R, supply, and service area organization. Additionally responsible for overall personal administration, payroll, medical insurance and employee reviews.
• Completes payroll or carefully reviews the report from the Administrative Assistant
• Maintain employee files
• Maintains employee labor pool
• Complete schedules – saving a copy of every schedule to the server
• Administer and monitor employee training program
• Monitor linen usage
• Handles workmen comp claims and losses
• Monitor employee evaluation program
• Devises side work schedule for employees
• Monitors and orders all floor glassware, guest supplies, and related products as needed
• Conducts daily pre-shift meetings with staff
• Maintains inventory of all office supplies and forms
• Monitors and maintains all menus
• Monitors Open Table Reservation program
• Monitors and Maintains the Restaurant Web Site.
• Monitors and maintains the restaurant take out program – Internal and through second party purveyors
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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