Has the overall responsibility for beverage operations to include but not limited to staffing, training, cleanliness, M & R of bar equipment, product storage, security and control, physical inventory, product consistency, and storeroom organization. Develops and maintains wine and beverage programs. Develops and maintains recipe and pouring procedures.
Financial Responsibility
In addition to operating cost responsibilities associated with duties as a shift M.O.D., has specific cost responsibility for pouring cost control and glassware costs.

Prior restaurant hourly experience as a bartender and previous restaurant management experience.

• Works M.O.D. shifts as scheduled
• Works bartender shifts as scheduled.
• Devises side work schedules to assist managers & employees in the maintenance and organization of the bar and lounge.
• Focus on ‘Top Ten’ list. Ensures consistency, quality, value and speed of items. Monitors pricing in Ordersmart for profitability.
• Monitors all competitors in market and reports on a quarterly basis to GM and Owner.
• Stays current with Market Trends and advises GM of new product lines.
• Develop and monitor all beverage menus – recommend updates as needed.
• Run promotional incentive contests as needed.
• Coordinate nightly/weekly beverage pairings or specials.
• Coordinates and conducts beverage seminars on a quarterly basis.
• Monitor beverage pricing vs. Aloha P-Mix.
• Monitors refrigeration equipment maintenance program.
• Places all orders for all beverage related items
o Maintains organized and efficient ordering guides and order history
o Orders are to be placed through the Ordersmart Sytem
• Completes physical inventory of beverage items on period end basis or as needed to control beverage cost.
• Monitors glassware usage, stocking and storage; ensures efficiency – places orders as needed.
• Personnel: Bartenders, cocktail girls.
o Maintains labor pool; anticipates needs; recruits if necessary
o Trains, initial and on going
o Motivates/communicates
o Ensures personal appearance standards
o Completes schedules
o Evaluates regularly
• Maintains Audio Visual Program
o Stays current with Music Trends
o Coordinates nightly/weekly music and video schedule
o Creates theme music evenings as business dictates
• Maintains all ambiance related items:
o furniture, bar stools, tables, candles, misc. ambiance items
• Maintains all web site beverage menus.
• Updates recipes in Ordersmart and insures the accuracy of the Aloha P-Mix
• Insures product consistency and excellence in beverage execution.
• Maintains Alcohol Safety Program – Ensures that all employees have a copy taken the course and a copy is in their employee file.
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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