Accountant Retention Managers are responsible for the daily control and maintenance of expired accounts and executing processes as outlined on the Account Retention Scorecard. The Account Retention Manager will ensure that customer service expectations are exceeded by completing account retention processes as scheduled. Typically, Account Retention Specialists in addition to their daily activities may be required to assist in other areas of the store (i.e. Delivery, Operations or Sales) as well as running the store in place of the Store Manager.

At Majik Rent to Own, our values, in particularly the Core Values, are of the utmost importance. These values are the basis of our company culture and are guiding principles for all our associates. Majik’s Core Values are what makes our culture unique from other businesses, and the Every Day Values define baseline expectations for all companies, including Majik.

Majik’s Core Values:
* . “We Do What It Takes” – Willing to do whatever is needed to help solve a problem, even if it’s outside of our comfort zone or our day-to-day activities. This could mean having a difficult conversation with a co-worker or customer and/or literally cleaning a filthy fridge.
* . “We Own It” – Learn from constructive criticism and own the results both positive and negative. Ask questions rather than just saying, “I don’t know”. When an issue arises, bring it to the attention of someone who can help you solve the problem.
* . “We Serve Others” – We believe in serving others. We believe in helping people (co-workers, customers, the community at large) and try to find ways to say, “YES” to co-workers and customers. This includes helping co-workers advance in their career goals, and by helping them to achieve a quality work/life balance.
* . ntegrity – What do you do when no one is looking? Would you be proud if your actions today were on the front page of the newspaper?
* . Hustle – Have a plan. Act with purpose. Accomplish our goals quickly and efficiently.
* . Respect - We provide a professional environment showing co-workers and customers mutual respect at all times.

Hours of work and attendance:
** . Scheduled Hours:
* . As the Account Retention Manager your scheduled hours will be of 40-45 hours per week. Any overtime would have to be approved by a Store Manager or District Manager.
* . Schedules are expected to be followed as they are written with any concerns addressed with the manager at least 30 days in advance in lieu of a sudden emergency.

** . Ensure completion of the Account Retention Weekly Scorecard and Checklist
** . Ensure that Account Retention tasks are completed according to the best practices
* . Establish communication with customers by phone, text, letters, email and/or field visits
* . A large portion of time dedicated to completion of phone calls
* . Contacting references, landlords and/or neighbors in effort to establish communication with customers
* . Prepare, plan and complete a daily field stops list
* . Verification of proper due dates with customers to assist with on time payments
* . Review customer pay history to help establish a plan for options available on expired accounts
* . Accurate notation on customer accounts including plans for account, contact information needed, commitments, agreement holds, and use of free time
* . Ability to maintain professional behavior in high stress situations
* . Adherence to all Fair Debt Collection Practices
* . Proper planning and organization of delivery schedule based on pickup location, product and staffing
* . Ability to communicate clearly with all team members as well as customers, references, landlords etc.
* . Proper use of account information to inform customers of account standings
* . Safe use of communication device to maintain communication with the store while in the field
* . Proper payment collection in the field including accurate receipts
* . Adherence to best practices concerning confidentiality of customer account information
* . Ensure that all returned merchandise is refurbished within company guidelines
* . Ensure that all pricing and signage is consistent with merchandising standards

** . Planning and Organization
* . Using weekly scorecard and weekly checklist to plan Account Retention tasks and delegate accordingly
* . Assist in preparing daily tasks list for store staff
* . Use reports to identify customer accounts that need specials attention
* . Ensure that the bathrooms are cleaned and stocked
* . Ensure that the front counter is clean and organized before closing
* . Ensure trucks and vans have been inspected by the store manager or ASM as scheduled
* . Create game plans for customer accounts based on pay history

** . Leadership, communication, training
* . Run store in place of Store Manager in case of meetings, vacations, other staffing needs
* . Assign and delegate essential tasks to team members
* . Praise or redirect team members based on completion of assigned tasks
* . Communicate concerns and needs to Store Manager working towards effective execution of Account Retention best practices
* . Communicate with customers on options available to them based on pay history
* . Train new team members in best practices regarding Account Retention scorecard
* . Participate in weekly scorecard/leadership store meeting presenting results and areas of opportunity
* . Meet with District Manager to game plan for expired accounts

** . Other Administrative Duties
* . Follow-up with all MAJIK Plus claims (for unemployment, product replacement, etc)
* . Review pending rental orders for completion
* . Processing of payments including proper cash handling procedures
* . Ensuring all record retention processes are being followed including general filing
* . Communication with vendors through phone and email
* . Service follow up
* . Ordering and Parts Follow up
* . Strict Adherence to safe driving practices

** . Organizational Duties
* . Ensure that the bathrooms are cleaned and stocked
* . Ensure that the front counter is clean and organized before closing
* . Ensure trucks and vans have been inspected by the store manager or ASM as scheduled

**This position is deemed safety sensitive
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