Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy your work? Harlem Shake's purpose is to create a great environment for people on both sides of the register. We believe if our team members are cared for and happy, they will return the same treatment to the guests and this will be felt both by our guests and by our sales tally.

Why should you apply to this position today?
We believe in enriching your personal and job skills, and providing you with a jumping board to professional growth, whether in Harlem Shake or another future career path. And, you will learn some fun Harlem culture along the way!

Harlem Shake believes that we are in the community and for the community, and giving back to the neighborhood we grew up in is one of our big priorities. We partner with local schools, churches, and non-profits to contribute and donate to their causes. Our annual MHS (Miss/Mister Harlem Shake competition) is a great way for us to give back to the community and have so much fun!

Even though we're humble, we are not strangers to our share of fame. In tribute to the New York of old, Harlem Shake features famous guests on our Wall of Fame. From actors, musicians, politicians and athletes, all have some tie to Harlem and each photo is signed personally to Harlem Shake. Wall of Fame includes such greats as Janet Jackson, Bill Clinton, Maya Angelou, George Maysles, Corey Hawkins, Neil-Patrick Harris, P-Diddy, Shaquille O'Neal, Omari Hardwick, Natasha Polanco, among more than 200 others. In addition, Harlem Shake was the location for numerous celebrity photo shoots and video productions, most recently Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, Love and Hip-hop show, Black Ink Crew reality show, The Waitress Musica, Linkedin, Dietland, “She Don’t Like Me” video by Ron Brows and Remy Ma, “Hello Again” movie featuring Rumer Willis. So, you never know when you will spot a star walking by!
Harlem Shake is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Job Summary:
Cashiers Operate cash register but do so much more than just that. They are the ambassadors of the restaurant to numerous guests and tourist visitors from around the world. They represent local pride and provide great hospitality. They are knowledgeable about our food, beverages, merchandise, history, and culture. They have a good to the fluent command of English language. They greet and serve guests in a fast, efficient and polite manner. They make sure each and every guest is taken care of and happy when they leave. They are great team members who support their co-workers and supervisors in achieving common goals and genuinely care about the team.
All of our employees can come from different backgrounds and walks of life, but what we are looking for is something special, that will allow them to blend in seamlessly with the existing crowd of greatness.
Here are a few attributes you must be pretty sure you posess if you think a job with us is not going to be just a waste of your, and our time:

1. You are reliable. You understand delayed MTA schedules and winter blues days, but you always rise against those obstacles and somehow make it where you had committed to arriving, on time, all the time. You know that this will be a nice thing to see in your teammates. You give that respect and you expect it back.
2. You have integrity. You understand guests and team members depend on your best behavior, and you are excited to deliver it in a disciplined manner for common good.
3. You are passionate about personal growth. You know you want to learn, grow and prosper and you are ready to make efforts to improve yourself along the way and keep planning and dreaming up ways on how to better yourself. You always strive to accomplish more even when others don' see anything else that needs to be done.
4. You are humble. If you can't admit weakness, confess mistakes or ask for help from others, this will be a difficult place to work. Everyone makes mistakes, but being able to accept it and let the more experienced team members teach us, will make a big difference in our ability to learn and grow.
5. You are diplomatic and wise in communication. You often think about and have a good understanding of the impact your words, body language, and attitude have on people. You are naturally aware what and when might be good, or not good, to say.

Please take a minute to think about the above qualities and ask yourself if this kind of workplace that will push you to project them is what you are looking for. We respect that everyone does not have the same preference when it comes to this. We think it is very important to come to work with joy- and we strongly believe that people who would not find themselves at home with the above qualities will not enjoy working here and would not prosper.
Special Instructions
Harlem Shake is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
We are making it really easy to apply for this position.

Simply submit a ZippyApp application package which may include the Common Employment Application, Resume, and a Cover Letter. In your Cover Letter, please write a short paragraph describing yourself and why you would make a great addition to our team.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward o discussing the possibility of you becoming a team member! Press the Apply button to get started now. If you already don't have a Zippy App account, follow the on-screen instructions to create one.

Press the Apply button to get started now. If you don't already have a ZippyApp account, follow the on-screen instructions to create one.

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Harlem Shake
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