As an FOH Manager, here are the Key Results we are looking for:
Be a “REMARK-able” Team Member
Provide Leadership to ensure your S.H.I.F.T. operates with excellence
Provide on-going Coaching that fosters the CFA William D. Tate culture and operational excellence
Perform Manager Duties

1) Be a “REMARK-able” Team Member
Being a Leader comes with the responsibility of being the example. Other TM’s will take their cues from your work ethic, values, attitude, conversation, etc. If you don’t do things the “Chick-fil-A way”, no one else can be expected to.
Promote the CFA corporate and CFA Grapevine vision, and cultural beliefs
Always strive to hold to the Pathways standard in everything
Stay Humble, Hungry and Smart:
Humble: a title is about service and responsibility
Hungry: always look for more responsibility and more to do and learn
Smart: have common sense about how to effectively work with TM’s and interact with Guests
2) Provide Leadership to ensure your S.H.I.F.T. operates with excellence
Take ownership of the shift and every aspect of FOH operations: DT, FC and DR. The goal is for the shift to run smoothly, excellently and profitably, and for TM’s and Guests to have a remarkable experience.
“S” = “See and Be Seen”: Always be AWARE of what is going on in the restaurant. The first thing you should do when you arrive on your shift is greet your TM’s and then look to see if the shift is set up for success (Is the gameplan made? Are drinks, lowboys, condiments and supplies stocked for the next rush? Is the DR clean?) Constantly be aware of the monitors, the operations, and each area of the FOH. You should also be VISIBLE to your team and guests – you are not visible to anyone in the office.
“H” = “Help out where Needed”: Jump in and come to the aid of your team. (Does the DR host need help? Does DT need a pusher? Does FC need an extra register or server? Does BOH need help?) Avoid being tied down to any one position for too long.
“I” = “Investigate & Influence”: Be aware of red screens, check SOS, quality of food and cleanliness and INFLUENCE the outcomes in these areas. People do what is expected, when it is INSPECTED. Always be checking on team performance and do something about what you discover.
“F” = “Float”: Again, you should not be in any one position for a long period unless absolutely necessary. FLOAT so you touch all areas of the restaurant.
“T” = “Talk”: COMMUNICATE with your team. Give DIRECTION and FEEDBACK. Acknowledge and THANK team members when they work hard and represent the business well. A manager cannot effectively run a shift without ongoing communication. Communicate as needed with the Directors on ops and issues.

3) Provide Leadership that fosters the CFA culture and operational excellence
It’s the TM’s job to be attentive and courteous to Guests, it’s your job to be attentive and courteous to TM’s. Serve and take care of your team and they will serve and take care of the Guests! Although every NTM should receive thorough and effective training, over time things are forgotten or standards slip. Be on the lookout for opportunities to keep TM behaviors and performance in line with the Chick-fil-A way. The goal is to give our Guests a CONSISTENTLY REMARKable experience EVERY time, reflected in high CEM scores.
Ensure TM’s are equipped to do their jobs well
Provide real-time AFFIRMATION when you observe TM’s working hard and serving Guests and performing tasks the “Chick-fil-A way”
Provide real-time COACHING and correction when you observe TM’s not serving Guests or performing tasks according to eTrain or store standards
Be on the lookout for any trends that need corporate re-training and report this to the FOH director or send out a reminder to the team as appropriate (i.e. lack of the Core Four, shakes over-portioned, poor order accuracy, etc.)
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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