The Kitchen Director is a leader in the Restaurant dedicated to executing a level of excellence across all 5 critical success factors in the back of house. This position reports to to the Operator and works with the other Directors to lead a team of 14 leaders and 75 staff.
• Embody our Vision & Values
• Set team goals, share the score visually and celebrate the wins.
• Assist in hiring process of new BOH Team Members
• Identify potential leaders and help them develop and grow both Operationally and Relationally
• Communicate effectively, share ideas, and take a positive approach to all situations.
• Create a LEAN culture and mindset and encourage 2 second improvements to be shared.
• Hold BOH team members accountable to all policy standards, for example timeliness, grooming, cell phones, uniforms etc.
• Train and develop Team Members in all areas and systems, work with Training Director for areas of focus.
• Provide both formal and informal feedback to the team on an ongoing basis.
• Schedule 30, 60 and 90-day feedback sessions with New Hires - include the Training Director in the meetings.
• Hold weekly one on ones with AM and PM BOH Manager
• Schedule bi-weekly Shift Lead meetings
Quality & Customer Experience
• Protect the customer experience by ensuring packaging, food presentation and quality meets or exceeds Chick-fil-A standards.
• Execute Lean Chicken Entrée at all times.
• Train team on what “LEAN Chicken Entrée” is and how the forecasting system works.
• Ensure Safe Daily Critical is completed.
• Use eRQA, SAFE, QIV and CEM findings to ensure consistency and quality of products. Address areas of improvement immediately. Work with the Training Director to address problems and create and action list.
• Maintain a Culture of Food Safety.
• Ensure Daily Criticals are completed twice daily.
• Maintain a clean and organized environment.
• Ensure Inventory is organized properly.
• Maintain Travel Path
• Execute training and roll-out of new products.
• Assess current systems and implement ideas for improvement.
Sales & Brand Growth
• Ensure speed and quality of food to retain customers.
• Work with Catering Director on execution of catering orders and systems.
• Assist with outside events as needed.
Financial Return
• Own Food Cost results
• Labor Scheduling – own labor percentage and productivity. Train Managers on Labor Scheduling procedures, how to increase productivity, put “aces in their places”, appropriate times to send people home, etc.
• Equipment Repair & Maintenance – Utilize Facilities page on @CFA-Ensure Maintenance Calendar is completed, become familiar with Responsibility Matrix, Process for damaged equipment.
• Chicken Tracking System – freezer, thaw, waste
• Inventory
• Place truck orders, work with team for efficient truck deliveries, ensure proper build to’s, keep LEAN inventory on hand to encourage scarcity mindset, coach others on proper ordering.
• Produce - Ordering, lean build to’s, portioning and production.
• Bread – Verify delivery numbers & quality.
• Execute LEAN in all areas – Chicken, Inventory, Oil Rotation
Success Measurements
We will know the Kitchen Director is successful upon attaining the following:
• Food Cost Gap < .50%.
• Labor – Productivity > $80, Percentage < 22%.
• QIV scores > 95%.
• CEM scores (to be measured in 30-day and 90-day increments): at or above top 20% of chain.
• Perfect Health Department Scores.
• Speed of Service < 3:00.
• Maintain a food safety score of 1.
• Visual Cleanliness & Organization of Kitchen area.
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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Chick-fil-A - North Point Village
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