A Manager has a proven track record as an effective shift-leader, goal-achiever, and excellent steward of our business and team. Managers act as the Manager-on-Duty (MOD) while serving in an operational capacity, and are ultimately responsible for the overall success of the operation as a whole. Managers are granted additional responsibility and input in the decision-making process for larger complexities of the business, and are expected to identify, analyze, and solve operational challenges, communicate effectively, and provide input to discussion on increasing the capacity of their department. Managers support their Area Director (AD) by communicating effectively to inform the AD of department needs, enforcing department-wide standards and policy, and by executing ELT directives while effectively managing change and team expectations. Managers are teachers and servants at heart, and selflessly work to develop the Team Members and Leaders in their department.
-Available 5 days and 45+ hours per week, with flexibility to open or close as required.
-Perform all responsibilities of the Assistant Manager position as required.
-Develop the team and other leaders by modeling our expected leadership culture, and by consistently holding the team accountable to expectations and responsibilities.
-Be an autonomous department leader with regard to implementation and execution of the Winning Hearts Every Day Strategy (Great Food, Fast & Accurate Service, Genuine Hospitality) and departmental LEAN strategy.
-Serve in an MOD capacity to ensure departmental stewardship as it pertains to team member care, guest care, cleanliness, labor cost, food cost, etc.
-Understand stewardship goals, the resources provided to manage them, and work toward these goals by providing relevant coaching to the team and other leaders.
-Execute inventory management through truck orders, completing inventory counts, and understanding and leading food cost management.
-Review and be prepared to share data gathered from weekly and monthly reports and scorecards, and use this data to determine coaching opportunities and generate departmental action items.
-Monitor customer scores (CEM) and provide coaching to Team Members and Leaders.
-Attend departmental and Newport Leadership Team meetings as required. Arrive prepared in order to actively participate and contribute to discussion as necessary.
-Meet weekly with the department Director to ensure continuous alignment of goals and execution strategy, and to be personally developed as a leader in our organization.
-Manage, track, and communicate TM discipline as necessary. Perform ESRC coaching in a timely manner, and communicate departmental training needs as they arise.
-Manage, track, and communicate TM discipline as necessary. Prepare for and execute TM evaluations as required. Managers are primarily responsible for the development and discipline of Assistant Manager and Team Leaders.
-Manage, track, and communicate repair and maintenance needs as soon as reasonably possible. Act as the point person with vendors to monitor completion time and cost.
-Work with 3rd party assessors (SAFE Evaluation, Quality Improvement Visit, etc.) to better understand improvements necessary to align with Chick-fil-A standards.
-Manage all aspects of scheduling (time-off requests, availability changes, weekly schedule creation, etc.).
-Assist with interviews as needed, especially for leadership candidates.
-Be available and prepared for dialogue with Britton about the state of the operation and shift.
Special Instructions
Please do not call or send any emails.

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Chick-fil-A Newport Pavilion
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Newport, KY 41071
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Hours of operation
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