The Employee Engagement Manager is responsible for the ongoing development of each of our team members from a new team member to a senior manager. We have over 100 team members and each have a unique desire to become more, grow and be there best in some way.

Our vision is to be difference makers to everyone with whom we contact. If we can make a difference in the lives of our team members, then they can make a difference to our guests. This begins will building the culture around our values and behaviors, ongoing coaching and disseminating the vision throughout the team in training and coaching. All of this begins with proper recruiting and selection, but also includes initial, ongoing training and development of our staff and leadership.
The Employee Engagement Manager plays a critical role in our pursuit of being a Difference Maker to our team and community. This position is to ensure our organization continues building a culture of leadership development by continuously investing in our staff. The three primary functions are: Recruiting, Training and Leadership Development.

This manager is a generalist of various positions to guide the team through the life cycle of training and development. While this position is not responsible for training team members on the intricacies of every position, they are responsible for teaching them the why and reinforcing the importance of doing the job right.

This manager is responsible for managing all recruiting vehicles and events (internet, job fairs, college and local recruiting). This manager is responsible for initial vetting of candidates for every position before being presented to the leadership team.

Leadership Development:
This manager is responsible for coordinating all leadership develop programs aiding both in the experiential and academic training of our leadership team.

* Proven track record of investing in lives of others
* Experience training and coaching
* Ability to work occasional nights and weekends to reach entire team population
* Willingness to perform most tasks in the restaurant with some degree of competency
* Full-time is preferred but a Part-time position may be available depending upon the candidate
* Prefer 2 years experience in an HR Role either as a trainer or recruiter
* College degree in a related field (psychology, leadership, human resources, management, marketing)

Prior experience as a trainer, recruiter, staffing, other Human resources leadership roles such as selection is highly desirable.
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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