The role of the Office Administrator is multifaceted; it will require great organizational skills to balance the needs of a thriving business. This role was created to work in support of the Leadership team, allowing them to focus more on leading their team & the business and less on administrative functions in the office. The person in this position will be expected to have great communication skills, be able to work well as part of a team, and be a self initiator. There are five different areas in which the Administrator will work, listed below. Realize that 80%-90% of your time will be spent in the first 3 areas, accounting, office organization & functionality, and Human resources. The remaining two, marketing support, and owner projects will be the remaining 10% and will vary in need and importance.

Daily Tasks

There are day to day tasks needed to ensure the office is running smoothly and kept neat, clean and organized.

Serve Guests as needed
Check Mail/Mailbox
Check and organize Mail/OA Folder
Clean office as needed/check trash
Maintenance (printers, shredder,etc)
WOW as needed
Recruiting Dashboard

It is our goal to ensure that all invoices are paid in a timely manner. This person should be able to evaluate how we are doing in our spending verses our budget parameters, and identify areas of concern, communicating this information to the GM. It is important that the OA can do basic analysis of our vendor information to ensure that we pay what we owe and get paid what we are owed, no more, no less.

Accounts payable-imputing and paying invoices
Accounts receivable-invoicing of our clients
Cost Reconciliation-Invoices, coupons, transfers for EOM
Office Organization & Guest Relations

A well functioning, organized office is critical to the success of the business and should be a priority of the OA. With 10-12 individuals all using the same office, equipment, and computers, it does not take long for things to get out of order. Everything should have a home and everyone should be able to easily find and access information in the office.

Overall organization of the office
File systems
Office supplies
Computer files
WOW forms
Ordering Supplies-Uniforms, shoes and warehouse (as needed)
Answering the Phone
Human Resources

Organizing applications and scheduling of interviews

New Team Member information

Team Member files

Payroll-Labor Calculations, vacation and time punches

Team Member reports

Anniversary date- would include celebrating the date and scheduling for annual reviews
Direct Deposit
Re-certification dates and letter and Vacation time reconciliation

Marketing Support

From time to time I may have the OA help with certain marketing functions. This is not a primary role, but one that may be filled on an as needed basis.

Owner Projects

Owner projects are projects that would be completed on behalf of the owner, at his discretion. It would involve utilizing the skills of the OA to facilitate a quicker completion of a project. An example might be revisions to the policy manual or task list.
Must be able to work Mondays and Saturdays as needed for Payroll and End of Month reconciliation.
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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