The role of the assistant sous chef is to supervise the cooks and utility workers by making sure they are on task and completing their assigned tasks as well as maintaining a clean and safe work environment. The assistant sous chef needs to maintain a high level of performance, while ensuring guest satisfaction and profitability in accordance with the company’s service and operational standards. The assistant sous chef reports to the sous chef on duty.
Essential Functions

 Assist in managing day to day operation of the kitchen, coordinate food production

schedules and ensure highest level of food quality, taste and presentation

 Participate in food preparation, produce food consistently with high quality, taste and

presentation and expedite during peak meals as needed

 Control food cost by training kitchen staff on the proper methods of food preparation

and handling, by training kitchen, restaurant and steward employees on how to handle

leftover food items

 Ensures all kitchen employees adhere to uniform, grooming and appearance standards

 Anticipate and resolve problems concerning all facets of the kitchen

 Establish and require strict adherence to the health department and food handling

guidelines, maintain kitchen and station cleanliness.

 Ensure adherence to recipes and product specifications, train kitchen staff on all new

menu items, coach staff as needed

 Must maintain effective communication within the kitchen, be responsive to staff

suggestions and concerns, and work to resolve problems- respectfully coach and

discipline staff as needed to maintain high morale

 Maintain effective relationship with food and beverage management and front and

back of the house staff

 Conduct pre-shift meetings to cover any new changes and specials

 Ensure all food is highest quality and presentation when leaving the kitchen

 Must be able to create recipes from scratch for employees to follow

 Must be able to adjust any recipes as needed to fit the current situation

 Receive and check quality of all food deliveries


 Exceptional leadership and team building

 Excellent knife skills

 Work every station of the kitchen

 Follow recipes

 Work calmly and effectively under pressure

 Must have problem solving abilities

 Be self motivated and organized

 Be able to motivate and coach staff

 Able to stand or walk for entire length of shift

 Able to work long periods of time without a break

 Attention to detail when checking orders

 Ability to lift up to 50 lbs at a time

Bad Habits

 Delegating all work and standing around

 Taking criticism personally

 Not taking charge or stepping back when someone else does

 Not walking the kitchen on a daily basis

 Yelling at staff

 Not following pars

Good Habits

 Lead by example

 Provide constant feedback

 Jump in and help with the “Grind”

Opening Duties

 Line check turned in before opening

 Check to make sure all staff is present and on time. Notify Chef if any staff is late or


 Make sure all equipment is on and working

 Make sure all food deliveries are properly put away, organized, labeled and rotated

 Make sure there is a soup du jour for the next day – See Chef on duty for soup

 Check for any banquets. Responsible for next day banquet prep or any banquets that


 AM is to make sure kitchen is stocked for entire day and all hot food gets flipped into

new pans along with dinner food reheated and refreshed.

Closing Duties

 Line check turned in before dinner rush

 Check for any banquets. Responsible for any banquets that shift.

 Check to make sure all staff is present and on time. Notify Chef if any staff is late or


 Make sure all food and pans are rotated for dinner service

 Make sure kitchen is cleaned to the highest standard

 Make sure there is fish thawed for the next day – See Chef on duty for fish

 PM is to make sure kitchen is detail cleaned on a daily basis and kitchen stays in a clean

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