Food and Beverage Team Member / Crew Member - Concession / Café

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Food and Beverage - Concession / Café Team Member / Crew Member creates a welcome environment for Customers. Sells soft drinks, packaged and/or bulk candies, popcorn, hot dogs, ice cream, coffee, and other food items to theatre patrons. Operates and cleans concession and/or restaurant equipment. Cleans, maintains, and stocks the concession stand and/or restaurant.

Depending on the needs of the theatre, the Concession or Restaurant Worker may also be asked to double as the Box Office Cashier or Usher, as staffing needs require, and, as a result, such an Employee must also be able to perform the essential job functions of those positions.

Some locations are equipped for alcohol sales. There are additional requirements for Employees who work with alcohol, as noted below. These Employees are designated by the wearing of a yellow name- tag lanyard, which denotes that they are authorized to work with alcohol. Employees who work with alcohol may be in positions such as Bartender or Server.

Food and Beverage Team Member / Crew Member - Concession / Café is generally a part time opportunity.

Prior experience as customer service, crew member, team member, ticket sales, concession stand, host, hostess, or other part time movie theater jobs very desirable.
Food and Beverage Team Member / Crew Member - Concession / Café Essential Duties and Responsibilities

1- Greets Customers and visitors.

2- Uses suggestive selling techniques.

3- Provides fast and friendly service. The average transaction time should be no more than 60 seconds.

4- Rings up the sale on a computer terminal, accepts payment, and makes change.

5- Responsible for cash balance and inventory balance.

6- Prepares food (popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, sandwiches, light entrees, desserts, etc.)

7- Properly operates cooking, warming, and popping equipment.

8- Stocks concession and restaurant supplies.

9- Cleans inside and outside of the concession stand and/or restaurant, food service equipment, cooking equipment, and utensils.

10– Watches for safety or security issues (trip hazards, lighting, suspicious persons, etc.) and reports to management.

11- Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

Additional Essential Duties and Responsibilities for Alcohol Service

1- Checks the identification and verifies the legal age for purchase of alcoholic beverages.

2- Verifies all necessary film ticketing restrictions have been met (where applicable) and places the appropriate stamped wristband on the Customer.

3- Prepares, pours, and delivers alcoholic beverages to Customers.

4- Understands and complies with state liquor laws and Cinemark policies with regard to alcohol service.

5- Notifies management of impaired Customers, and does not serve them alcoholic beverages.

Dimensions and Specifications

* Available to work evening hours, weekends, and holidays. The position requires regular and consistent attendance.

* Interpersonal skills include the ability to communicate with all ages, genders, and personalities. This requires the ability to effectively and regularly converse in and comprehend English.

* Physical requirements of the job include the ability to stand for extended periods of time, and to be able to move quickly as the bulk of concession sales occur in the fifteen minutes before the start of a movie, and Customers expect fast service so they can be seated by the time the feature begins.

* Preparing food and cleaning equipment require the ability to occasionally lift and clean popcorn kettles, warmers, butter machines, hot dog and other food preparation equipment, and soft drink equipment. Stocking the concession and/or restaurant area requires the ability to move, carry, push and pull heavy bulk food products and containers from remote or separate storage areas. Sometimes this must be done quickly in order to keep shelves stocked.

* This job requires the ability to reach at different levels. Popcorn poppers, display cases, soft drink levers, hot food products, and computer terminals are stationed on different levels. Concession and Restaurant Workers must be able to speak clearly, be able to hear or lip read adequately, and have the manual dexterity to handle a variety of food products without spilling the contents, while accepting payment or making change.

* Where required, the ability to obtain a health card or food handlers permit is essential. Employees who work with alcohol are required to complete a Safe Alcohol Service training program.

* All Cinemark theatres are designated smoke-free workplaces. This includes vapor, electronic, conventional, cigars, etc.


Given: NONE

Received: General Manager, Manager, Senior Assistant Manager, and Assistant Manager

Experience and Skills Required

1- Must be at least 16 years of age.

2- Strong verbal and interpersonal skills.

3- Accurate cash handling and math skills.

Additional Experience and Skills Required For Alcohol Service

1- Must be at least 21 years of age.

2- Must complete a Safe Alcohol Service training program.

This job description indicates the general nature and level of work expected of the position. It is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities required of the position. Employees may be asked to perform other duties as required and the responsibilities of the position may change.

Food and Beverage Team Member / Crew Member - Concession / Café is generally a part time opportunity.

Prior experience as customer service, crew member, team member, ticket sales, concession stand, host, hostess, or other part time movie theater jobs very desirable.
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