Director of Talent / Training Director

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Director of Talent

Job Title: Director – Talent

Job Type: Full-time

Pay Type: Hourly

Compensation: Competitive

Company Overview:

At Chick-fil-A Fair Lakes, we believe the world needs more and better leaders, but we know leading has never been easy. We would love to share with you some of the biggest leadership lessons we have learned along the way and grow with you. We strive to be more than a restaurant for you. We want to be a community and a home. Our Team Members are more than just employees to us. They are an important part of our story. We hope to come alongside you to encourage and learn with you. If you would like to learn more about our story, visit:

Role Summary:

The Director of Talent position at Chick-fil-A Fair Lakes is part of a team of directors who advise the Owner/Operator on the strategic direction of the business in pursuit of excellence and help translate Ellie Kim’s vision and intentions into reality and then sustain it. The Director of Talent role is critical in ensuring that Chick-fil-A Fair Lakes is successful in the following areas:

• Training and Quality Teams, Systems, and Results
• Restaurant staffing and operations
• Yearly and Quarterly planning
• Leadership and People Development
• Vision and service model compliance to excellent standards and sustainability in all areas of oversight
General Responsibilities:
• Maintain superior alignment of vision and operations with Operator and leadership team.
• Develop a sustainable restaurant culture of growth minded Team Members and Leaders. A compelling culture of superior product knowledge, stewardship, excitement, engagement, and excellence. Incorporate this into training, ongoing development, communications, and everyday culture. Think Zappo’s or Apple. This is a culture change.
• Participate in and make significant contributions to Director meetings.
• Create a center of excellence for each area of responsibility by creating, leading, and implementing systems that will be the standard for innovation and high performance teams throughout the Chick-fil-A chain and the entire industry.
• Intentionally develop and influence leaders in such a way that they are operating as motivated, high performance teams that embody the vision and values of the business. This should be happening each and every day through goal-setting, coaching, and regular performance feedback.
• Oversee and improve new hire onboarding process.
• Create, develop, oversee, and maintain and Unit Policy Handbook and hold Managers, Team Leaders, and Team Members accountable to compliance.
• Perform necessary discipline for actions that do not meet minimum employment standards and expectations and execute documentation for all team members who fail to meet those standards.
• Verify that all Managers, Team Leaders, and Team Members are performing appropriate discipline for actions that do not meet employment standards as well as violations of the Unit Policy Handbook.
• Monitor risk management as it relates to HR and builds awareness about safety and ensure rigorous compliance.
• Oversee recruiting, retention and turnover and meet or exceed annual goals.

Talent Stewardship Responsibilities:
• Enthusiastically represent the Chick-fil-A brand to the Fair Lakes community and build long-term relationships with people.
• Establish long-term recruitment pipelines.
• Energize talent by intentionally influencing, building, and maintaining a compelling culture that produces long-term relationships and high performance teams.
• Serve as talent development advisor to owner/operator and develop and execute long-term vision and strategic plan for recruiting and developing extraordinary talent.
• Build a Human Resources annual plan and budget to include talent acquisition and talent stewardship/development, recruiting, and employee care, amongst other responsibilities that maximizes both profit and effectiveness.
• Support the Team Members by overseeing all matters related to human resources and leading recruitment, selection, onboarding, offboarding, training, coaching, mentoring, feedback, compensation, employee care and employer branding.
• Superior knowledge of purpose, vision, mission, strategy, operations, and products, and is able to lead effectively with vision and purpose and weave core strategy into day-to-day conversations and create organizational alignment.
• Oversee all uniform tracking, ordering, deductions, and distribution.
• Assist with various payroll responsibilities including maintaining payroll notes, tracking all deductions, verifying time detail reports and fixing time punch errors, inputting direct deposit and other paperwork, etc).
• Organize and maintain office and employee files and ensure legal compliance (Fairfax County, DOL, etc).
• Design, develop, oversee, maintain, and assist with employee review and feedback system, ensuring feedback is relevant, timely, and recorded.
• Oversees and manages existing recruitment and development programs and systems including internships, leadership development, and certified trainers.
• Carefully craft compelling and accurate job descriptions and clarify roles for all positions.
• Oversee talent selection, talent acquisition, and talent development processes that intentionally generate enthusiasm for the Chick-fil-A brand.
• Monitor HR related emails
• Monitor, document, and track any and all employee discipline and any employee policy violations.
• Work closely with the Operator to proactively mitigate risk and respond to any HR-related legal issues (unemployment claims, etc).
• Maintain necessary store documentation (phone numbers, pin numbers, labor law posters, MSDS sheets, etc).
• Support other efforts in the restaurant as needed.

Yearly & Quarterly Planning:
• Work with Operator to complete Annual Business Plan.
• Create quarterly plans based on business fluctuations, goals, and needs for the teams.

• Strategic thinker, goal-oriented, Tech-savvy
• Completes all necessary training material.
• Great communicator both in handling difficult situations and a diverse team.
• Highly organized.
• Mature, dependable, and results-oriented.
• Very detailed and keenly observant.
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
• Effective relationship-building skills and maintains a number of business and professional community contacts.
• Self-starter, creative, flexible, and able to adapt.
• Ability to work well with the public and network.
• Outgoing/friendly.
• Good business sense, high achiever.
• Affinity for sales building and increasing return on investment.
• Good negotiation skills.
• Strong project/time management skills.
• Strong follow-through on assignments, tasks, and deadlines with minimal supervision.
• Proven history of consistently performing at a high level.
• Going the second mile is second nature.
• Able to lift 40 – 60 pounds on a consistent basis.
• Ability to work well independently and in a team environment.
• Servant spirit and attitude with a strong sense of stewardship.
• Ability to anticipate and solve problems and resolve conflicts.
• Ability to see the big picture yet know where and how the pieces fit together.
• Ability to budget resources – labor, money, time – to achieve business and organization goals, vision, and objectives.
• Effective organizational skills to keep track of multiple priorities, tasks, situations, and people.
• Possess the desire to be a life-long learner and has the willingness and humility to learn.
• Passionate about building relationships.

Specific Experience:
• Required: High School Diploma or equivalent
• Required: Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Preferred Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably in business or finance field of study.
• Experience as a leader of food service operations.
• Years of Experience: 2
• This person must have or be willing to gain thorough understanding of operations in a Chick-fil-A restaurant.
• 21+ years old

Specific Experience:

Required: High School Diploma or equivalent
Required: Strong analytical and problem solving skills
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