Value Added Products Production (Salumifico) Manager

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The purpose of the VAP Production Manager position is to manage all aspects of the VAP production area and its staff in a manner consistent with Belcampo values, with a particular focus on raw product production. This position is responsible for all aspects of VAP and Premium Salumi Production including managing production schedules, effectively training and delegating amongst hourly employees, inventory management, and assessing/ensuring product quality and consistency. It is the responsibility of the VAP Manager to ensure the production area runs effectively and produces quality product that meets the expectations of the company and its customers.
Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Production: Lead weekly productions of all VAP products. Includes hands on production and oversight of all Yreka Butchery VAP employees.
2. Product Quality Control: Oversight of product quality/consistency including flavor, texture, size, appearance, accuracy and correctness of packaging and labeling.
3. Financial Control: Manage operations and staff to keep wastage to a minimum.
4. Inventory Control: Work with inventory and operations managers to maintain up-to-date inventory reports of all ingredients, equipment, packaging, etc. Ensure VAP inventory is stocked at all times. Track all raw products entering VAP for accounting, HACCP, and inventory use.
5. Facility Maintenance: Lead cleaning and organization programs of the VAP rooms of Butchery via regular cleaning schedules and as needed to ensure a sanitary and organized workspace.
6. Food Safety: Ensure all HACCP monitoring is completed each day for each process. All HACCP paperwork should be turned in to the QC manager daily for review. Work with the QC manager to ensure all microbiological testing is completed per the HACCP program for the charcuterie. *Oversight by QC Manager*
7. Training: Training new hourly employees as to the correct procedures when working in the Salumificio. This includes HACCP procedures, production procedures, and packaging and labeling requirements.
8. Reporting: Generating reports detailing status of all duties and responsibilities listed above as needed
*Oversight and review by VAP Manager*
9. All other duties as assigned by management.

Job Competencies, Qualifications, and Requirements
- Knowledge of meat processing equipment and production lines.
- In depth knowledge of various food safety concerns in regards to raw, heat treated, and cooked VAP products.

- Ability to produce various types of raw, cooked and shelf stable value added products.
- Ability to assemble, maintain, and operate processing equipment
- Ability to stock ingredients and products
- Excellent time management skills
- Ability to create production schedules to meet deadlines
- Ability to schedule and efficiently use employees

Tech Related
- Microsoft Excel, Data Logging, Equipment Programing, Electronic Inventory Systems

Minimum Qualifications
- Experience in the production of raw, raw ground, heat treated, fully cooked, and both heat treated and not heat treated shelf stable products in a federal establishment.
- Valid drivers license
- Must pass a drug screening and background check

Physical Requirements
- This positions requires an employee who can work standing/sitting for 10 hours a day, 4 days a week
- Lift approximately 50+ pounds
- The main location for this position is at the Belcampo Butchery in Yreka, California
Special Instructions
Please do not send any emails, resumes, or call.
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